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Saul J. Feldman, Esq.

Condominium Law

Saul J. Feldman serves frequently as Special Condominium Counsel for all types of condominiums throughout Massachusetts. Past assignments include the Folio Condominium at 80 Broad Street, and The Clarendon Condominium at the corners of Clarendon and Stuart Streets, both in Boston.

Saul J. Feldman is a graduate of Harvard College, cum laude, and of Harvard Law School, and has over fifty years of experience in commercial real estate and condominium law. He has served as lender's and borrower's counsel for real estate transactions that range in size from $500,000.00 to $65,000,000.00. Saul represents commercial real estate developers and lenders all over Massachusetts and in all areas of the industry, from retail to residential development. Saul serves frequently as special condominium counsel for complex condominium developments, and has drafted condominium documents for hundreds of residential, commercial, and mixed use condominium developments and conversions. He has lectured extensively on condominium law for Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, the Real Estate Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, and the Community Associations Institute. He is a contributing author of Massachusetts Condominium Law (MCLE 1988 revised 2017). He is a contributing columnist for the New England Real Estate Journal and has written articles on condominium law for Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, REBA News, Condo Media and other publications. He is a former co-chair of the Condominium and Cooperative Committee of the Boston Bar Association and a member of the Condominium Committee and the Leasing Committee of the Real Estate Bar Association (REBA).

Saul has extensive experience in title and land use matters, as well as commercial leasing.

His experience in commercial leasing includes drafting office leases, beginning in 1968, for properties including Center Plaza in Boston, Wellesley Office Park in Wellesley, the Guild Medical Center in Norwood, 29 Crafts Street in Newton, retail leases for Center Plaza and 80 Broad Street in Boston and in other locations in Greater Boston, and restaurant leases in Boston.

He also has extensive experience representing commercial and residential property owners with regard to property tax abatements at the Appellate Tax Board. He has experience in the use of auctions and bulk sales to determine values as well as the assessment of condominium units, including development rights, common areas and exclusive use areas. His cases before the Appellate Tax board include the Board of Assessors of Newton v. Iodice, 29 Mass. App. Ct. 1014 (1991), which held that a rental apartment building could not be valued as a condominium conversion.

Saul has represented owners and developers of affordable housing since 1968. The properties have been throughout Massachusetts including in Boston, Springfield, Worcester, and Lowell, as well as in upstate New York. His experience includes 40B projects, 202 projects and other HUD projects. He has closed with HUD and with Massachusetts Housing. His experience includes affordable for sale and for rent units in condominium developments. His recent assignments in affordable housing include Coes Pond Condominium in Worcester.

Read Saul Feldman's March, 2017 article, "A Condo Lawyer Walks Into A Bar."

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